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Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Bam Creative
State of Entry: WA

The primary responsibility of the TeamHEALTH website is to allow citizens within the Northern Territory affected by mental health issues or illness, directly or indirectly, to find relevant information and take action for support, recovery and rehabilitation. With this in mind, it was vital that the design of the website facilitated the lowest possible friction in accessing appropriate information, with particular consideration given to those where English was not their primary language, those who have difficulty interpreting information, or those with limited experience using computing devices. Custom icons using accents from the freshly redesigned brand helped illustrate the function of the homepage call to actions, to better direct visitors to the information they require.

We went back to the drawing board with regards to the content available for the different visitor personas, what was written and how it was accessed. A content map was produced from an intensive on-site workshop to best match the revised information architecture and the client wrote the updated content during the development phase of the website. Video content is also an effective format for TeamHEALTH staff to engage with their audience, to explain the range of assistance and services and to encourage them to take action. As such, we ensured it was simple for TeamHEALTH staff to publish new video files to the site as they became available.
Providing assistance to the primary audience was not this website’s only goal. Additional requirements included providing more general information for carers, resources for health professionals, employment positions and donations. During the course of the planning workshop, particular care was given to the grouping and structure of internal information pages, to reduce the number of steps required to locate relevant assistance.

A custom Craft CMS build was created to allow content for the discrete sections of the site to be easily published by different members within the team. As many site visitors would be located in remote communities and using cellular data, it was critical that page load performance was extremely fast. To this end, custom flexbox layouts were created in lieu of starting with an off-the-shelf framework, and images and assets were carefully optimised.

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