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The Fathering Project

Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Clever Starfish
State of Entry: WA

Activities, tips and experiences

The Fathering Project is a fabulous not-for-profit organisation that helps fathers and father figures to be the best they can be.
They support research on fathering, runs school programs to access fathers and setup fathering groups, provide information loosely broken down into activities, tips, resources and experiences and run events.

This website replaced a flat, simple brochure-style website.

The following features were added;
- really simple and easy to search and filter activities, tips and resources.
- easy to update home and landing pages for quick and easy marketing messages for the client.
- events database with automated listings and recategorisation to archived once past.
- searchable and engaging ‘information’ database loosely broken down into activities, tips, resources and experiences with great filters suited to the target market to give people ideas and information in an engaging way.
- searchable and engaging schools database for people to find schools that are part of the program.

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