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Category: Government
Entrant: TransGrid
State of Entry: NSW

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TransGrid embarked on a project to consolidate four websites (, iDemand, Have your say and careers) into one focused, engaging and consistently branded website.

Our goal was to promote the great work we’re doing with our communities and the collaboration we’re seeking from all electricity users from large energy industrial to the home and small business consumer. Our goal was to provide a site where customers could engage with the organisation, while providing the best customer experience possible.

There are a number of audiences that access our website and we had to cater to all of them. With an average of 500 hits per day we needed to not only build our site effectively, but expand our user base to better reflect the size of services we provide. This includes consumers who hear about TransGrid and want to know who we are, those who want to get involved and have a say about what our business does. We also needed to take into account stakeholders, ranging from government, regulators and potential customers of our new business offerings. Thinking about the users meant thinking like consumers; to build a site that delivered information with minimal effort by the user. Adding to this the complexity of desktop PCs, mobile phones and tablets we had a lot to cater for, which we believe we’ve done successfully.

The project had a number of challenges. TransGrid is based in NSW while our vendor developing the site is in Perth so we had to contend with working in time differences and remote offices, a challenge in any project. Added to this was a commitment to our executive team that we would deliver on the 18th July without any exceptions and without any defects.

TransGrid is extremely proud of our new site, we want to showcase the type of organisation we are and the values we instill in all our staff.

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