Award Nominations

VA Hire

Category: Small Business
Entrant: Philboss Design
State of Entry: NSW


VA Hire is a leading hire company for digital cameras, lenses, and accessories. They offer state of the art technology along with 24/7 technical support services. In 2016 we were approached by Warren Day and his team to help rediscover the VA Hire brand and in turn, rethink and recreate their digital footprint.


For this project to be a success, we needed to enhance the integrity of the brand and reflect that in each customer ‘touch point’.

One of the areas that undisputedly needed work was the website. The previous VA Hire website was extremely overwhelming. The browsing experience offered no satisfaction and the process of getting a quote was painfully disjointed.

Working closely with the VA Hire team we refined the purpose of the site strategically coming up with a new direction. This direction was not only to do the obvious, enhance the visual interface but to optimise the experience from enquiry through to hire and beyond.


From desktop through to mobile, every facet of this site has been designed to engage visitors through an informative user experience. Built on WordPress, the site provides a simplified yet immersive approach to obtaining a quotation for equipment hire. Equipment can be discovered via the primary menu system or by using the predictive search feature. Each product page incorporates an innovative callback feature which caters for those less tech savvy or time poor customers.

Desktop Home Page
Desktop Product Page
Desktop Kit Quote Page