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WA Police Next Step

Category: Government
Entrant: The Brand Agency
State of Entry: WA

Trophy icon National Award


The WA Police recognised that they needed to refresh the way they were educating high school students on the benefits of policing as a career.

It’s digital communications were targeted towards adults and there was an opportunity to create a digital platform designed specifically for high school students, who are contemplating their future career path. These people have an idea of some of the options available to them, but they lack tailored information about professions with different pathways, such as policing.

The Brand Agency created the WA Police Next Step website, with content targeted to high school students, which broadens their understanding of how a career in policing can be exciting, challenging and physical. This mobile-first solution utilises a mixture of gamification, first-hand stories and online resources to bring this career opportunity to life by providing a tool for both high school students and career counsellors.


13-16-year-old teenagers, who are facing career-selection uncertainty but are open to all opportunities presented to them.


The utilisation of SVG line animations gives the website a scalable solution to quickly render on mobile and desktop devices, regardless of the resolution. This was a challenge to overcome full support across some browsers but provided the best experience for would-be applicants.

For the website, we developed interactive games to promote engagement whilst educating the targeted demographic of the consumer.  These games aligned with the overarching content strategy and provided a gamification approach to introduce some of the unique skills required to join the Police force


As the website needed to have a seamless experience across all devices, we worked to develop a fully compliant solution that ran across mobile, tablet and desktop.

We also implemented a dramatic branding for the website, which better resonated with the consumers we wanted to target. This approach deviated from the establish brands at WA Police and therefore we had to work with key business stakeholder to adopt this new colour scheme and branding.

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