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Whites Group

Category: Medium-to-Large Business
Entrant: Net Ninjas
State of Entry:

The objective of this project was to streamline the User Experience, by reducing the number of clicks to get to the client’s products, while providing a modern interface with slick animations, open composition design and strong utilisation of video and image-based navigation and call to actions.

The challenges involved creating product pages which essentially include three levels of navigation consolidated into one page. Through custom WooCommerce coding we were able to get the product category, sub-category and products into the one page while maintaining page load times as best as possible.

Other challenges included device responsiveness, especially due to the open composition design and the sliding blue box animation effects.

Overall, I think we achieved a great looking website with the cool functionality and animations and gave it a really modern and easy to navigate interface.

Whites Group
Whites Group - Product Page