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WWW2017 Perth

Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Martin Freer and Jarrad Long
State of Entry: WA
Website: homepage on desktop

The International World Wide Web Conference is an annual forum bringing together some of the most influential members of the web community. With a 20-year history, it’s the world’s longest-running and most prestigious web conference.

In early 2014, we were surprised and delighted to be asked to develop, the site that presented Perth’s bid to host the 2017 conference. When Perth was announced as the winning bidder in April 2014, we were commissioned to begin work on this site - The iteration you see today was launched in October 2015.

Perth will take what has previously been a very traditional, academic conference and complement it with a variety of co-located events that appeal to a much broader audience. Our brief was to get that point across without diminishing the prestige of the core conference, which is still a tier-one academic event, attracting some of the world’s pre-eminent researchers.

Fortunately the WWW2017 Committee shared our view that even the stuffiest of academics would appreciate a highly readable, engaging website! There was no reason to duplicate the relatively dry content of times past, just because that had become the typical style of academic conference websites.

The site features a 6 column, bespoke, asymmetrical, semantic grid system based on the golden ratio. Combined with bold typography, vivid colour and a minimalist approach to navigation, the site maintains a striking, balanced look on any device, whilst meeting WCAG AAA colour contrast specifications.

The aesthetics are intended to look a little different; a deliberate statement against the symmetric, centre aligned, commoditised web design of the last few years.

Under the hood, WWW2017 is a cloud hosted, CMS driven website developed with Perch CMS. We tried to avoid the pitfall of many of today’s websites: a minimalist design underpinned by megabytes of cruft. Here, you’ll find no trivial inclusions of bloated frameworks or usage of jQuery to do simple DOM manipulations.

Our philosophy is that the web should be kept as simple as possible and we think it’s important that the website for the world’s premiere web conference embodies that philosophy.

Our relationship with the conference committee is continuing, with the next phase planned for launch in September 2016. 'Attractions around the conference' on desktop 'About Us' on desktop

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