How to Enter

If you entered a previous Australian Web Awards, the account should still be active. Go ahead and Login.

Non-AWIA Member

$170 including GST
  • per entry
  • per category

AWIA Member Discount

$85 including GST
  • per entry
  • per category

Personal & Not-for-profit

$55 including GST
  • per Personal entry
  • per Not-for-profit entry


In order to be eligible, sites must:

  • be launched or significantly re-launched (in terms of design and/or major features) between July 1, 2017 and December 31 2018.
  • be primarily developed in the state of entry
  • be entered by the site developer or owner.


  • Choose a category for each entry
  • Check the judging evaluation criteria
  • Review the evaluation criteria for the category. Consider how well your site entry meets the criteria
  • Test your site entry using validation tools and include evidence of your testing in your entry. At a minimum, you should test for HTML5 and accessibility. See the Recommended tools page for a selection of tools you may choose to use. Each category this year has an indication of testing requirements especially around WCAG 2.0. Evidence is either screenshots or PDFs of the end of the test report for both Markup validation and Accessibility checking. This is to be for the WHOLE site, not just parts that you consider to be tested
  • A site may be ruled ineligible if it has more than three (3) unique HTML validation errors - Personal sites are excluded - or is a site that does not meet the WCAG level criteria for the category of entry. A unique error is an error that happens on either once or many times throughout the website
  • Ensure that high-quality screenshot images of your entry are submitted to be used by the Australian Web Awards in the promotion of the Awards in social media, this website or any other media
  • You can start your entry and come back to complete it for submission and payment before Entry Period closes
  • Review the frequently asked questions and our Tips for Entrants.

Information Required for Entry

For categories other than Social Media you'll need to cover the following:

  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Platform
  • Technical highlights
  • Special features
  • Challenges
  • Why is it innovative (if entered in the Innovation category)
  • Validation evidence. Screenshots or PDFs of the final reports for both markup and accessibility testing.

In Social Media you'll address:

  • Campaign objectives and strategy
  • How you measured success
  • How was the campaign innovative?
  • Explain cross-media strategy (if used) and how any paid advertising complemented the campaign
  • Awareness and engagement results and impact on actual business.