2016 Judges

Welcome to all our judges for 2016 whether you be new or a returning judge.

Our Judges for 2016 are:

Photo of Jarrad Langdon Jarrad Langdon - Chair of Judges

When Jarrad was offered an apprenticeship at a local design firm he embraced the opportunity. Since then he's met success locally and internationally, with a gold medal in website design at the WorldSkills International Competition, Helsinki 2005.
Jarrad is director of Sydney design firm Jala Design. He teaches at TAFE NSW and continues his involvement with WorldSkills Australia as a board member, regional/national judge, regional/national project designer and International Deputy Chief Expert.


 Steven Cooper

As a Senior Evangelist at Xero Steven Cooper is responsible for working with the strong global developer community, to develop and nurture the healthy start-up culture that continues to flourish across the region.
Among his activities in the international community Steven has helped run the acclaimed BattleHack series for PayPal/Braintree all over the world. An international speaker and mentor that has been a part of events throughout the world he loves to share knowledge and help support and grow developer communities.
Over the last 20 years, Steven has worked as a senior developer/tech lead for a host of start-ups and as a developer analyst for more than 10 years with Sensis. He has configured and spec’d mass production technology hardware for the likes of Samsung, Virgin, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Visa, St. George and Westpac.

Photo of Cindy Arlott Cindy Arlott

 Cindy is a Director of TOLRAnet & a bit of a web chameleon. She swings between web design, front-end development, social media, production, web project management, copywriting & blogging. If a job needs filling, Cindy fills it. She has been putting websites together for 17 years.
In 2012 Cindy & and her partner Paul developed their own responsive Content Management System (CMS) & eCommerce platform - clearFusionCMS/SHOP. Last year they took it a step further with their own Responsive CSS framework.

Photo of Paul Arlott Paul Arlott

 Paul is a Director of TOLRAnet and a PHP programmer with Crowdfunder UK. He began in the aviation industry building functional prototype displays for human factor analysis and today has extensive experience in C/C++.
Paul was one of the first to build an accessible directory to industry standards. More recently he built his own responsive CMS & eCommerce platform - clearFusionCMS/SHOP. He believes in light-weight, flexible websites that survive compatibility challenges and slow connections.

Photo of Michael Ott Michael Ott

Michael is a 16 year web design and development veteran. He started just prior to the dot com boom and went out on his own to form C9K, a successful web studio he sold in 2007.
These days Michael is the lead web designer/developer/ux for Stormbox, a digital agency based in Perth, where he focuses on designing and building user great experiences. Just for fun, he experiments with code, composes music, and tweets about stuff.

Photo of Jenny Kellett Jenny Kellett

Jenny has been passionate about digital since the days of dial-up. After heading to Australia from the UK in 2005, she has since spent 10 years mastering the art of digital marketing, strategy and copywriting.
Working with some of Australia’s best-loved brands, Jenny helps shape and implement digital strategies that successfully grow brand awareness and result in significant ROI.
She is currently in a content strategy role at Evolution 7, a UX-focused digital agency in Melbourne, alongside various freelance contracts.
When not at her computer — which isn’t often — she takes every opportunity to explore the world, learn new languages and has interests that change as often as the Melbourne weather.

Photo of Michael Bollig Michael Bollig

Michael’s approach to web is a bit unconventional — in a good way. Currently Digital Manager for Design City, an award­-winning web studio in Perth, he works on a holistic level, focussing on brand, experience and accessibility. Michael’s been involved in the Australian Web Awards for five years — first as an entrant and now as a judge.
Michael spends his days writing killer front­-end code and drinking coffee, and his nights getting his one­-and­-a­-half year old to giggle uncontrollably. Find him at @tweetbollig.

Photo of Brad Pollard Brad Pollard

Brad was a back-end programmer at a consulting firm, itching to produce something visual and customer facing when the web happened along.
He founded Fat Digital in 2000 - it was a finalist in the 2006 McFarlane Prize and has produced websites for UNSW, Netregistry, APN, AMA and NSW Government.

Photo of Tim Quinn Tim Quinn

Tim is a solutions architect and web designer of nearly 20years. He values creative content, structure, usability and working with dogged developers (who he also secretly envies).
His pocket-sized digital agency, Kindleman, craft beautifully complex websites and applications for startups, government and all sorts of business.
Tim uses the word ‘hierarchical’ a lot, annoys developers with font-weight banter and rides all sorts of surfboards.

Photo of David Vuu  David Vuu

David Vuu is Head of UX and Design at LiveHire.com, an early stage talent technology and data company, changing how jobs find workers and how companies source talent. David was previously Design Lead at Carsales.com and a Committee Member at AWIA. He has worked on a range of national and international projects: Formula One, MotoGP, Porsche Australia, Peroni UK, Fox Studios and Whirlpool. He runs his own online business and has supported a number of startups that have been acquired by ASX-listed companies.

Photo of Dale Hansen Dale Hansen

Dale Hansen started his own web design business, Base Media, in 2003. The business has produced websites in Australia and overseas and now focuses on its own network of service-oriented sites, such as WhichPlug.com, an electrical plug adaptor finder for travellers. Dale has taught a range of IT-related and web development courses at Griffith University. He has a passion for web technologies and loves clean, standards-compliant code that conforms to accessibility standards. @dale_hansen on Twitter.

Photo of Simon Wong Simon Wong

Simon has been dabbling in content since he was 18 months old. While his choice of media at the time (freshly-painted living room walls, unfortunately) didn't go down too well, things did get better. The first piece of effective content he remembers writing was to a girl in kindergarten, asking her to go out with him. (Thank you for getting his career off to a great start, Azlina.) After that, there was no turning back. Once he realised he could actually make a living out of it, it was full steam ahead. He’s helped build brands from telcos to trucks and from shampoo to shorts, in markets as diverse as Singapore, Saipan, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Guam (ask him about the ‘Win a cow’ consumer promotion there). He’s worked on content for everything from mobile apps to television commercials. And been awarded at Cannes, One Show, Webbys and the FWAs, just to name a few. Now he’s Deloitte Digital’s Melbourne Content Lead, spending his days (and some nights) helping clients with content strategy and planning, as well as creating engaging content for all forms of digital media. It's a career that has taken him across four continents, given him some shiny pieces of metal to put on his mantelpiece (well, if he had a mantelpiece) and, most importantly, helped him feed his family.
What more can a guy ask?

Photo of Scott Robinson Scott Robinson

Affectionately known as ‘Robbo’, Scott is first and foremost a character. Possessing a host of unique skills, he’s in his late thirties, with a reputation as an innovator, problem solver and action man. Scott leads the crew at Jack in the box and has overseen the many changes experienced by the marketing industry over the past 20 years.
He is regarded as one of the most creative thinkers, especially in the field of technology, and he has patiently adapted the marketing disciplines to harmonise with today’s fast growing technological advances. He is a man who believes in a progressive process of leading the way rather than following.
His style of thinking provides him with a clear advantage, enabling Jack in the box to operate in a highly innovative and creative environment. Not content with depending upon ‘what is’ he has set about creating concepts which are ahead of their time. He possesses an uncanny understanding of the technical capabilities relevant to an organisation’s need and is especially adept at creating solutions to complex requirements. His facilitation of workshops to equip organisations with the ‘know how’ are in high demand and he is regularly rewarded with Government business in recognition of his abilities.
Skilled in the art of graphic design, technical print, television direction & production, photography and web design, Scott has a natural ability in pulling it all together.
His creative direction is best exhibited in the works of the agency delivered by a talent and well credentialed team.

Photo of Bita Riazati Bita Riazati

Bita Riazati is currently reading and learning about Freud in her spare evenings. The man behind the unconscious mind had a few ideas about how our actions are guided by processes that are sitting outside of conscious awareness. So how does this apply to good website usability? When a person navigates to a website and can’t connect with the experience that is on offer no wonder they leave; they may not necessarily be able to articulate why they did so. In my view, a highly usable product is tailored and plays to these unconscious needs by recognizing the nuances of the users by offering an understanding of who its users are. People want to be understood. If an interface can offer that, then I think this product has achieved something very meaningful. In addition to theorizing, Bita has consulted with a number of organizations for the past 10 years, including the University of Melbourne, Cabrini Health, Eastern Health, Perth Water Corporation and most recently on the redevelopment of the Law Institute Victoria website. She is currently completing her second masters, in Psychology and is a registered provisional psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

Photo of Jo Saunders Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders of Wildfire Social Marketing, is a digital marketing consultant media educator known for demystifying LinkedIn. She is passionate about helping individuals and organisations connect and communicate effectively and authentically, to build relationships and results, through mentoring, workshops and ongoing support. With 20 years’ experience in event management and marketing, she helps professionals design and market their events, communicate their brand message and showcase their talents and brilliance.

Photograph of Aoife Johnston Aoife Johnston

Aoife Johnston is a Senior UX Designer with over 10 years' experience creating solutions that are both highly usable and delightful. With a background in Graphic Design and Psychology, and a Masters in Multimedia Design, her skill set covers design strategy, user research, user interface design and usability testing. Aoife is currently working at seek.com.au, designing solutions for both jobseekers and employers in the Australian market.

Photo of Alex Cleanthous Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous is Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits. With more than 10 years experience in online marketing, Alex is always on the lookout for smarter, faster and more scalable ways to achieve maximum growth with minimum spend.

Hasan Alameer

Hasan is results- oriented person, who thrives in fast-paced and competitive environment. Brings strong presentation, analytical and problem solving sills. About 10 years of experience in assessment and evaluation of websites. Hasan has participated with some of local competition and globally as well.

Photo of Sam Logan Sam Logan

Sam Logan is the Technical Lead at Distil, a Sydney based Ecommerce and App Development agency.
Starting his journey in web over 10 years ago, Sam has grown from a passionate UX designer focused on shaping unique experiences to an award winning front-end developer.
With a keen eye for pixel perfect design and an appetite for lean, semantic markup, Sam has been overseeing UX and development standards at Distil and their WA counterpart Birdbrain since 2013.
He has worked on a vast range of projects catering for clients such as Westfield, Lovisa and Diva Jewellery. He loves all things ‘buy online’ and has recently been leading Distil’s path into the app development space with a number of exciting and upcoming ReactJS and React Native solutions.
When he’s not busy writing code you will most likely find Sam skateboarding, drinking scotch or hanging out with his girlfriend and recently adopted dog, Darcy.

Photo of Danielle Chun Danielle Chun

Dannielle’s love for technology began when she met Merlin the Electronic Wizard, one of the earliest handheld games, when she was 9 years old. It’s been an adventure ever since! She began her coding career as a Web Developer for multi-award winning ABC Science Online where she moderated the forum on which the word ‘selfie‘ was published for the very first time. Dannielle developed all the sci-tech digital properties for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation including Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s popular podcast.
More recently Dannielle was the Digital Lead for Microsoft Australia IT Pro, Developer and Education networks. She produced interactive media for the global student technology competition, Imagine Cup and the ultimate geek fest, TechEd.
Now, as Founder and Code Captain at creative computing lab, QwertyKids, Dannielle is busy helping children fall in love with technology too.

 Gabriel Esseesse

Gabriel is Co-founder and the Technical Director at Salt&Fuessel, a leading digital agency in Melbourne. After creating selling his first successful business in software development he decided to move from Argentina to Australia, where he worked as Technical Leader at Carsales and Digital Systems Manager at Simplot. Having worked for over 17 years in the digital space he decide to co-found his own company where he helps companies to improve their websites usability and conversion rates. When not at work, Gabriel loves spending time with his wife and daughter exploring the world and trying new things.

Photo of Sheridan Lindee Sheridan Lindee

Sheridan is a passionate creator, a lover of anything beautiful and everything online. Being an award winning website designer, Sheridan has had the chance of working with many top end businesses and organisations in fields such as tourism, professional development, government and most importantly; hipster cafes. After starting in the industry, 5 years ago, without even knowing what HTML was, Sheridan has now risen to become the lead designer at Precedence Group, based in tropical (rainy) Cairns. His deep love for amazing design and all things beautiful has grown exponentially in the following years and has lead him to travel the world, looking for amazing colours, shapes and patterns. Sheridan’s true passion lies in that sweet spot where technology & creativity meet. He loves using the latest online technologies in conduction with ground breaking design to create something truely unique.

Photo of Lisa Collins Lisa Collins

Lisa is a digital marketing specialist. She's been closely involved in developing and implementing strategic planning and has provided senior counsel to internal and external stakeholders across a range of channels including communications, marketing and new business development.
As a member of the senior leadership teams at Burson-Marsteller, Pentafin and 2IC at Trish Nicol Agency, she worked with global brands including: Bombay Sapphire, Cartier, Florsheim, Grey Goose, Jim Beam, Mini Cooper and Schweppes. 

Lisa is also a lecturer in digital marketing, developing and delivering courses in e-commerce and digital strategies for bachelor of marketing students at Raffles College.

Photo of Lui Greco Lui Greco

My name is Lui Greco, and one day, I would love to visit Australia! However, for now, this is as close as I'm going to get.
My professional interest in this group is identifying best practices to make websites accessible and usable by people who are blind. Hopefully, I've not signed up for something in error! That wouldn't be the first time.
Professionally, I work with the CNIB, a Canadian charity providing services to people with sight loss. www.cnib.ca
When I grow up, which will likely not happen in this life time, I'd like to really understand how to build web aps beyond a few HTML lines of code.
As someone who is blind, this has a personal impact on my life as hopefully, through better awareness of accessible websites.

Photo of Bernd Jahnke Bernd Jahnke

After starting his career as a travel agent, establishing one of the first OTAs in Germany and climbing the career ladder up to Head of Online Marketing for a well know brand, Bernd thought that it is time for a new challenge. So he and his family moved to Australia. Finding a new home in Melbourne he works as Digital Strategist and Campaign Manager for a boutique marketing agency in Fitzroy

Photo of Matt Daniell Matt Daniell

Matt Daniell is a designer and frontend developer at KWP! Adelaide. After studying graphic design at UniSA, Matt has been working in digital design for over 15 years. From working in small teams, running his own business and working in large agencies, he has seen many changes in the industry over the years. Matt loves data and helping the web become more integrated and useful in our everyday physical lives.

Photo of Ken Kencevski Ken Kencevski

Ken developed the Devika ideology and method which propelled his family business to a 2016 Top 100 Retailer in Australia, and were nominated Most Innovative Online Retailer and Best International Conqueror at the Online Retailer Industry Awards (ORIAS). During his 5 year journey he has since founded Devika and is an Australian Ambassador for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs and Global Entrepreneur Network.

Photo of Gareth LaneGareth Lane

Gareth is a serial entrepreneur having been self employed since he was 15. For the last 11 years, amongst being a director of a few non for profit organisations here in Perth, he is the founder and licencor of Concise Creative, a 20 strong team of digital marketing consultants focused on helping Australian SMEs grow their organisations. Gareth calls Perth home and is Concise in every sense of the word. He loves to 'get shit done' and is passionate about the world of technology. Has a soft spot for a good red.

Photo of Keyvan Kasaei Keyvan Kasaei

Keyvan has started his career as a professional designer/developer & worked across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from Web & Mobile apps, Interfaces, User experiences as well as Product management & Consultation. With various designs commissions and signature projects for clients across the globe in his resume, during past 7 years, he has managed to master every aspect of the business. with his well-rounded experience in such areas of the industry, he has combined his dedication and experience to making a giant footprint in the web/technology and startups ecosystem.

Photo of Thom JoyThom Joy

Thom is Experience Technology Lead for SapientNitro Australia and has been building software for over ten years in London, San Fransisco and now Sydney. Thom bridges the gap between the Front and Back ends of technology, having worked on everything from large scale financial systems, distributed data visualization platforms and high availability web scale APIs. Away from the screen, he enjoys collecting funk and soul records, following West Ham United and drinking wine.

Photo of Andy Howard Andy Howard

Technology Director, The Village of Useful
Andy uses strategy, creativity and customer-focused technology to move the needle for his agency's clients. Andy co-founded The Village of Useful five years ago after working agency-side in Australia, the UK and USA. Andy is a UX Award-winner, AIMIA digital leadership mentor and enjoys speaking at national events on technology and business strategy.

Photo of Callum Shand Callum Shand

Head of UX at Doghouse; a digital agency with offices in Perth and Melbourne.
Once a budding freelance graphic designer and web developer, a passion for designing user focused web applications was discovered while studying Science and majoring in Digital Media at University.
With a key focus on user experience and human computer interaction, he has been crafting award winning digital experiences with Doghouse since 2011. With a mix of state and national clients, he has delivered successful solutions for the likes of Virgin Australia, Rusty, Flight Centre and the AFL.
In his spare time you can find him playing guitar, skateboarding, drinking whisky, and not always at the same time.

Photo of Anthony Wymond Anthony Wymond

Anthony is the Founder and Managing Director of Ignite Online, a multi award-winning UX-focused digital agency based in Melbourne.
Rapidly developing a reputation for excellence, Ignite Online provides an end-to-end service, as well as specialist consultancy in all aspects of web design and digital marketing.
Driven by one goal - to create projects with impact - Anthony strives to exceed his clients’ expectations, having delivered industry-leading work for great brands including Urbis, Pepsi Max, John West, Leggos, TAC & Mercedes-Benz.
When he’s not busy dominating the world wide web, a keen sense of adventure has led Anthony to explore the world. A few of his highlights include sailing around the Philippines, travelling India by train, and road-tripping across the USA. He also enjoys reading about all things design, UX and business, all while living up to his reputation as World’s Worst Foosball Player.

Photo of Trey Shugart Trey Shugart

Trey is a frontend engineer and open-source junkee working at Atlassian on their cross-product UI framework. He is responsible for their architectural direction, usage of Web Components and the basis that all of it rests on: SkateJS.
When he's not at work, Trey like pretending he's a tradie and can usually be found renovating their home. When he's too sore to climb a ladder, he's often spotted at the park with his family, playing guitar or sneakily cutting more code in a dark corner of his house.
Trey is a proud native of Santa Cruz, California, who's now happily settled in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Sydney Australia.

Photo of Margaret Lipinska Margaret Lipinska

Director of Design and UX, Zeroseven
Margaret is the co-founder at Zeroseven, a Brisbane based digital development house, which creates user focussed online experiences across a range of industries. She lives and breathes design and is a stickler for good usability and detail. She has been designing purely for digital for over 17 years and coupled with good marketing nous and technical understanding, can take a complex problem and turn it into a simple solution to get customers engaged online. Margaret has a degree in Graphic Design, UX Certifications and extensive industry experience, including designing for well known BBC brands such as Top Gear and Radio Times and creating engaging user experiences for SME’s, not-for-profit, government and corporate clients across a range of industries in Australia.
In her spare time Margaret is a yoga nut, scuba diver, loves reading books about human behaviour and is pedantic about good spelling.

Photo of Phil Allen Phil Allen

Digital Strategist - Integranet Technology Group
Phil is a highly motivated, dynamic, and commercially astute individual. He has a unique and comprehensive range of project management, business analysis, and software application development experience within the Digital space. Witnessing first hand the issues faced by businesses in Perth WA, he identified an opportunity to establish a Digital consultancy focusing on genuinely understanding needs and solving problems.
Working with all levels of management he easily adapts to environments and can translate both technical and non-technical jargon to the masses. Educating is key for Phil, and being able to provide businesses, clients, respective peers and colleagues the knowledge and understanding to help enhance their own skills and development, and to ensure they have a clear picture of their Digital opportunities is top on his agenda.

Photo of Lyndsey Jackson Lyndsey Jackson

Lyndsey Jackson has worked on over 100 not for profit, local, state and federal government websites for organisations across Australia. Supporting and empowering them to make a difference online and to use technology to support their work offline.
Lyndsey is an advocate for accessibility and digital inclusion.
As an open source advocate and adopter (her favourite platform is Drupal), Lyndsey has worn many hats over the last eight years of her tech career including project manager, operations manager and CEO of a digital company. As a community builder and technologist, Lyndsey is passionate about the use of technology to empower local communities, and rural communities in particular. Lyndsey has started WeCollaborate as a vehicle to focus on projects that use technology to connect like-minded people and organisations to support economic development, strengthen governance, celebrate culture and heritage, foster participation and inclusion, and advocate for environmental sustainability.

Photo of Rene LeMerle Rene LeMerle

Head of Marketing, Bonfire.
Rene LeMerle has been immersed in the digital landscape since 1997. With a background focused on data-driven marketing, he is passionate about helping companies embrace digital marketing and innovative technologies to evolve their business.
Rene brings more than 19 years’ experience in strategy, brand development, design, advertising and communications to his role as the Head of Marketing at Bonfire, one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies.
His remit includes Bonfire brand management, strategic planning and execution of the agency’s marketing activities. He’s also a key driver of digital innovation across the company and the offerings it delivers to its clients including the likes of Bonds and Betts Group.
Prior to Bonfire, Rene has held several senior marketing positions across a variety of industries and has consulted to a multitude of Perth businesses as a freelance digital strategist. Rene is a graduate of ECU, holding a Bachelor of Business, Marketing & Communications. As a result of his extensive digital and web design experience, this is Rene’s second opportunity as a judge in the Australian Web Awards.

Photo of Hamish Mackenzie Hamish Mackenzie

Hamish Mackenzie is ANZ’s Global Accessibility Manager.
Hamish has a remit to develop and improve the accessibility experience for customers, staff and the general community through adopting best practice and standards.
Since joining ANZ in 2007, Hamish has helped ANZ to make significant progress in its accessibility efforts by working with many of the banks business units as well as helping to create a Technology Accessibility Standard, and run the banks Technology Accessibility Helpline and accessibility support inbox.
He is also a member of the ANZ Abilities network.
Hamish lost his sight in 1996 and has spent the past 10 years working in the accessibility arena. Prior to this role, one of Hamish’s key achievements was working as Head of Development for Tamkeen - a training, services, resources and information centre, located in Dubai, which enables optimal independence and creates opportunities to enhance the daily lives of those who are blind or partially sighted. Tamkeen received a Best New Technology Based Project Award from the Ruler of Dubai in 2005. He has a BSc from Brunel University in London and has represented Australia at the paralympic sport of goalball and is a member of the Australian Blind Cricket team.

Photo of Daniel Paul Agostino Daniel Paul Agostino

Head of Design, The Brand Agency Perth
Since graduating from Curtin University’s School of Design in 1998, Daniel has worked for several of Perth’s leading advertising and design studios including The Shorter Group and Marketforce. He joined The Brand Agency in early 2007 as a communication designer and senior art director. Over the years Daniel’s role has grown to lead The Brand Agency’s design department, actively managing the brands of some of Perth’s largest design accounts. Heading a team of eleven specialist communication designers, he oversees all design work from concept through to production. Working across a wide variety of design disciplines including corporate identity and branding, publication, packaging, interior design, digital and campaign advertising, Daniel has been awarded both nationally and internationally for his work. He is a regular guest lecturer at Curtin’s School of Design and was a finalist at the 2015 PADC Diamond Skull Awards for ‘Designer of the Year’. Daniel is currently serving on the national board of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) as WA’s Regional Director.

Photo of Skye Gilligan Skye Gilligan

Skye is the founding director of Skye Gilligan Consulting (SGC), a fast growing boutique agency developing high performing brands and winning communications strategies. Skye has a passion for helping businesses tell their story, and not just any businesses… typically those who have a very technical service offering or product.
Engaging design, compelling messaging and digital strategy, Skye’s ability to redefine her clients’ value proposition and visual identity has seen her build a profile as a trusted advisor and strategist with an Australian and International portfolio of clients. An expert in usability, front end design and content, Skye and her team bring a fresh approach to web development, ensuring the digital strategy considers the competitor landscape, user experience, fit for purpose and organic performance.
SGC is engaged by industries including global fitness product manufacturers, construction and engineering, wireless communications, not-for-profit, quality assurance, mining and energy services. In her spare time, Skye likes hanging around at aerial yoga and has a personal passion for improving quality of life in impoverished communities. She works closely with the Australia/Africa business community to pursue philanthropic activities – particularly those focused on improving education. She is looking forward to visiting Burkina Faso in October.

 Bec Martin

Bec Martin is a Developer Evangelist at Xero, and is part of an fantastic team that maintains the developer ecosystem around Xero’s add-on partners. Bec is also part of the Australian hackathon scene and the social developer community in the Australian region. Bec left life as an accountant to pursue technology and development. Since then she’s worked on a variety of different projects for enterprise clients as a technology consultant and freelance developer. She’s also passionate about making other girls and women aware that technology is a viable and awesome career option for them too. Bec has a deep understanding of the many different facets of a working organisation, and especially the power and importance of digital technology. She has a passion for creating innovative solutions, enabled by technology, from inception to fruition.

Picture of David Humphreys David Humphreys

With over 15 years experience in digital and mobile communications, David describes himself as a digital strategist, project manager, UX evangelist and curious observer of all things web.

Starting out in London, David worked with a number of agencies and spent 5 years with 3 UK before moving to New Zealand in 2007 where he spent a couple of years working on government digital transformation programs. David eventually smelled the coffee of Melbourne and was lured across the ditch to work with ecommerce and government clients that share his passion for simple design, strong UX and rewarding online services. David is now a founding director of Cellar Digital, a boutique agency that specialises in eCommerce and digital marketing solutions for wineries.

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