Calling for Judges

We have being lucky enough to have some of the industry's leading crafters and specialists judge the Australian Web Awards in past years. For those of you who are interested in judging in 2021, we ask that you please send through your preferred area of expertise (User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Content, Development, Accessibility) and/or the category of which you feel best aligns. Categories include; Commercial, Government, Education, Small Business, Not For Profit, eCommerce, startup, Innovation, SEO.

We look forward to hearing from you all. Send your interest to [email protected]

Photo of Michael Zaporozhets - Judging Chair                   UX, UI, Development Michael Zaporozhets - Judging Chair UX, UI, Development

Creative Technologist

Michael is an experienced, cross-functional digital leader, with a broad range of hard and soft skills across software engineering, design, business development & customer experience strategy that have been applied to over a decade of digital experiences. In his ‘off time', Michael collects vintage guitars and dreams up cocktails for his restaurant/bar, Baba Hawker. Connect

Photo of Jarrad Langdon - Development Jarrad Langdon - Development

Jala Design - Director

Jarrad has always had an interest in computers and design. When he was offered an apprenticeship at a local design firm he keenly embraced the opportunity presented to him. After completing several TAFE courses Jarrad’s talents have resulted in success both locally and internationally. The pinnacle of this success was his gold medal in Website Design at the WorldSkills International Competition, Helsinki 2005.
Apart from being the trip coordinator for Jala Design, Jarrad is now passing on his talents to future designers by teaching design skills within TAFE NSW at the Hornsby Campus. Jarrad has also proudly continued to promote Apprenticeships as an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador. He continues his involvement with WorldSkills Australia as a board member, regional/national judge, regional/national project designer and International Chief Expert.
Jarrad is a proud member of the Parramatta Eels (cue laughter) and attends all home games on a regular basis. In his spare time, he can be found experimenting with eating new foods, sipping on a black coffee or enjoying quiet drinks with mates. Watch out for his Table Tennis killer slam! Connect

Photo of Stephanie Campanella  - Social Media Stephanie Campanella - Social Media

Summit Digital Founder & Creative Director

Stephanie Campanella is a thought leader focused on motivating creatives to dial into the metrics of their business so they can create recurring profit and freedom. After building two amazing brands in the property/construction niche she's now focused on giving back to the creative industry through her ecosystem of free content and also paid consulting. When Steph's not mentoring creatives so they can thrive - not just survive - she's eating her way through every Mexican restaurant in Sydney whilst wearing Lorna Jane activewear.


Photo of Daniel Zuccon - SEO Daniel Zuccon - SEO

Operations Director, Optimising.com.au

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Daniel has produced an extensive number of web projects for some of Australia’s largest brands. His passion and interest for web development originated from building his first website in 1998 (in exchange for a skateboard, no less!) to running many successful boutique eCommerce stores and large online communities.

Since then, Daniel made the leap of co-founding Optimising, the specialist SEO Agency that we know today. From its humble beginnings, the team has grown from a two-man enterprise to a large core team, growing into a highly respected digital agency.


Photo of Sophia Sorensen - Social Media & Content Sophia Sorensen - Social Media & Content

Creative Copywriter

Creative copywriter and self-proclaimed lamington eating champion, Sophia sits within Insight Social Media's creative team. Known as the "ideas woman", Sophia spends most of her week laying the foundations for digital campaign concepts, writing clever copy and developing her clients voice. Inspired by originality and authenticity, she strives for personal and creative growth – and truly believes that great copy can be the foundation of a successful brand.

Sophia enjoys a challenge; whether it be a wordy game of scrabble, an IKEA flatpack or just actually taking her washing off the line. 


Photo of Sharon Latour - Content Sharon Latour - Content

CEO • Marketing Bee
Sharon Latour is an experienced marketing professional and founder of Sydney-based award-winning agency Marketing Bee.  Her team specialises in powerful emerging digital strategies that connect with customers and grow business.

With a focus on high-growth privately owned businesses, Sharon is a valued advisor to her clients' boards. Marketing Bee have trademarked a unique program called Hivernate that supplies SMEs and mid-tier companies with cutting edge agency and marketing services they can manage from anywhere in the world. We deliver brand awareness, increased profitability and lower resource costs whilst retaining quality, engagement and impact.

Marketing Bee works across:
- The food and beverage sector
- The pet industry and related sectors
- CPG, FMCG and media sectors

Sharon's clients range from privately-owned enterprises to corporate structures that operate globally.  Connect

Photo of Eddy Eau - Development Eddy Eau - Development

Managing Director of Square18.com.au

Eddy co-founded Square18.com.au in 2004. He has an I.T management and consulting background in many tier one organisations prior to starting Square18.com.au. 

Eddy started his career as a Software Engineer, progressed to Business Analyst and later was appointed an I.T Operational Manager. He has worked with illustrious companies such as Telstra, ISA Technologies, Alpha West and later Snap Franchising Ltd. 

In 2018 Eddy was appointed as the Brand Ambassador of I Need Decking (marketing agency of Baumart Holding ASX: BMH). He is also currently consulting on a few of projects related to IoT.

Eddy found the methodology of S.V.S - the ultimate component of Square18 Business Process. The methodology has put Square18.com.au as the pioneer in the digital economy, and thus that how the name of "The Digital Economist" is known. In 2017 and 2019, Eddy was one of the judges for the Australian Web Awards judging Development.

Photo of Felicity Selkirk - UX Felicity Selkirk - UX

Director Website Projects Pty Ltd

With 15 years industry experience, Felicity Selkirk is the founder of Website Projects, a digital development agency focussed on building successful, robust online businesses.

An expert in user experience and front end design, Felicity is a highly motivated champion of digital technologies and has developed digital solutions covering telehealth, education, ecommerce and application development.

With an international client base Felicity has developed an extensive understanding of what it takes for businesses to succeed in a competitive online marketplace. Connect

Photo of Michael Bollig - UX Design Michael Bollig - UX Design

Senior Digital and Experience Design Consultant at Empired Ltd

Michael's approach to web is a bit unconventional—in a good way. Currently Senior Design and User Experience Consultant at Empired, his approach to digital takes on a more holistic and strategic approach that focuses on brand, experience and inclusive design. He has been involved with the Australian Web awards for seven years—first as an entrant, and now as a judge.

Michael spends his days applying design principles to projects, writing killer front­-end code, keeping clients happy and drinking coffee, and his nights fighting crime getting his five and three year olds to giggle uncontrollably. When he has time to rant, you can find him at @tweetbollig. Connect

Photo of Chris Burke - Accessibility 
Chris Burke - Accessibility

Digital Consultant

Chris is a senior digital consultant with a wealth of experience finding innovative outcomes for clients across various sectors, including: banking, retail, NFP, government, education, health and startups.

Chris founded Otaku Digital in 2009 and has worked to position the brand as a leader in consulting - his creative mindset, technical know-how, and analytical nature have embedded me as an innovative digital thinker.

Championing user experience and web accessibility, Chris has been a judge at the past two Australian Web Awards, as well as a guest presenter on accessibility at Academy Xi.  Connect

Photo of Guennadi Moukine - Content Guennadi Moukine - Content

Director of Sports Partnership and Marketing at Acronis

Guennadi Moukine is an experienced marketing professional managing an extensive sports partnership portfolio at a global cyber protection leader Acronis. Working with world’s leading Formula One, EPL, MLB, NASCAR (and other sports leagues) teams, Guennadi is instrumental in executing brand recognition strategies and creating engaging content that explains the concept of cyber protection through sport.


Photo of Simon Wong - Content Simon Wong - Content

Founder and Director - Team Content

Simon (or Wongy, if you prefer) has been producing content since he was 18 months old.
While his choice of media at the time (freshly-painted living room walls) didn't exactly meet his parents’ approval, things did get better.
The first piece of effective content he remembers creating was to a girl in kinder, asking her to go out with him. (Thank you for getting his career off to a great start, Azlina.)
After that, there was no turning back.

He’s helped build brands from telcos to trucks and from shampoo to shorts, in markets as diverse as Singapore, Saipan, New Zealand and New Caledonia. And he’s worked on content for everything from apps to television commercials.
Simon left Deloitte Digital (where he was Melbourne Content Lead) to start Team Content at the end of 2016, and now spends his days (and many nights) helping clients with their content strategy solutions, as well as creating engaging content for all forms of digital media.
He's spoken at CSForum, a global content strategy conference, and has been on the judging panel at both the Australian Web Awards and AMY Awards.
It's a career that has taken him across four continents, given him some shiny pieces of metal to put on his mantlepiece and, most importantly, helped him feed his family.
What more can a guy ask? Connect

Photo of Amanda Mace - Accessibility Amanda Mace - Accessibility

Operations Manager at Web Key IT, a Digital Accessibility firm. My role at Web Key IT includes providing accessibility consultation, training, website and document auditing, document remediation and project management.
I have presented at several conferences and events on both the practical implications and technical solutions for accessible digital products. I've been a judge in the Accessibility category for the Australian Web Awards and for the Australian Access Awards.
An active member of two W3C working groups, the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and the Education and Outreach Working Group as well as the Silver Taskforce.

Passionate about ensuring everyone, regardless of varying capabilities, have equal access to the digital world. Connect

Photo of Aashath Kaamil - SEO Aashath Kaamil - SEO

Managing Director | Verve Innovation

Aashath Kaamil, a Digital Evangelist & a passionate cricketer, is the Director of a leading Digital Agency in Melbourne, Verve Innovation.
With over 10 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, development & client management, Aashath closely works with his clients & team to resolve real-world problems through Technology. 
Expert in  Digital Strategy & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Photo of Sarah Jee Watson - UX Design Sarah Jee Watson - UX Design

UX Consultant / Director @ Get With The Brand

Following years of obsession with minimalist design (nurtured further by a stint at Apple), Sarah Jee earned her stripes in eCommerce and Digital Marketing, before turning her focus to UI and UX design. 
An advocate for making the internet a happier, less stressful place, delivering user experiences beyond the digital realm and throughout the entire customer journey, Sarah Jee is on a mission to engage and delight, finding the ultimate sweet spot where the goals of an organisation match the needs of their customers. 
Get With The Brand was born from a desire to work with organisations who exist to help people, help the planet, or challenge the status quo. Proudly a Company of One, where collaboration is key and a desire to educate and empower is mandatory. Connect

Photo of Tristan Strathearn - Development Tristan Strathearn - Development

Technical Director - growthops 

After getting hooked on HTML at a young age and igniting his passion for programming, Tristan has spent the majority of his life building software, websites, and tinkering in the various related fields — from systems programming, pen-testing, security, DevOps, electrical engineering, and IoT. A jack of all trades, Tristan has the never-ending desire to learn and continually improve his craft while also helping those around him to achieve their best.


Photo of Daniel Agostino - UX
Daniel Agostino - UX

Head of Design at The Brand Agency

Since graduating from Curtin University’s School of Design in 1998, Daniel has worked for several of Perth’s leading advertising and design studios. He joined The Brand Agency in early 2007 as a communication designer and senior art director. Over the years Daniel’s role has grown to lead The Brand Agency’s design department, actively managing the brands of some of Perth’s largest design accounts. Connect

Photo of Doyle Buehler - Content Doyle Buehler - Content

Dept.Digital - Senior Smarty Pants

Doyle Buehler is a world authority on digital transformation, a best selling author, podcaster, teacher and entrepreneur. He has consulted, coached, taught and inspired many in the areas of digital leadership, online marketing, social selling, social media marketing & digital strategy.

He designs, develops & deploys high performing digital foundations for businesses to transform how they deliver their value in this disruptive, digital economy.

Doyle plays at the intersections of entrepreneurship and digital innovation, and has spent the past 18 years in the business world with multiple businesses and startups from around the world. He positions digital leaders to think in a clearer, logical, more strategic manner for evolving their business.

Doyle hosts an iTunes podcast, Breaking.Digital and regularly hosts his other Live video channels, where he interviews entrepreneurs, business leaders and digital marketing influencers from around the world, discussing digital strategy and branding for B2B & B2C

Photo of Jo Jung -  UI Jo Jung - UI

Jo Jung is the coordinator of Games & Interactivity at School of Arts & Humanities, Edith Cowan University. Her research interest is in the field of human-computer interaction / Interaction design – in particular, UI, UX, and social-emotional design.  Connect

Photo of Jamie Esterman - UX Jamie Esterman - UX

Lead UX Designer at Tic:Toc

More than fifteen years after designing his first ever website, Jamie has established himself as a leader in the field of UX / UI / Web Design with many household name brands and organisations in his exceptional portfolio found at jamieesterman.com.

Jamie has worked on national brands like SouthAustralia.com, Adelaide Oval, Elders Real Estate, Adelaide Zoo, Resthaven, Sydney Swans, Elders, Electranet, UniSA, South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide Crows, Port Adelaide Power, Canberra Raiders, The Hospital Research Foundation and Essential Beauty. Connect

Photo of Dale Hansen - Development Dale Hansen - Development

Educational Designer at Griffith University, Australia

Employed continuously since 1999. Have worked in managerial and professional roles in the retail, IT and education industries.

Specialties: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, ActionScript (Flash), XML, usability, accessibility, PhotoShop, audio and video editing. Connect

Photo of Abdul Hafiz - UI Abdul Hafiz - UI

Managing Director : Purplesoft Technology

CEO and Founder of one of the fastest-growing software development and digital marketing companies in Australia, Abdul founded Purplesoft Technology after completing his masters in Information Technology. Since then, the company has helped hundreds of businesses all over Australia in their Digital marketing, and is now creating its own software projects and mobile applications. Abdul firmly believes that it is not the strongest who survive but those most responsive to change. He constantly updates himself with new ideas around technology and implements them to improve the efficiency and bring innovation into the company. Abdul recently bought two more tech companies‚ and he credits his success to dreaming big and hard work. Connect

Photo of April Garvey - Accessibility April Garvey - Accessibility

April Garvey is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Revature, the largest employer of emerging tech talent in the United States. April has over 23 years of Digital Marketing experience, working with both larges and small consumer brands from Citibank and General Motors to a search engine called Kanoodle. April has worked on many award winning projects throughout her careers, most notably, launching one of the very first online banks back in '98, creating the digital experience for Rosetta Stone, and developing a subscription video on demand App for The Great Courses, which was named by Time as one of the best mobile apps of 2017. In her spare time, April runs a local charity called Kids Helping Kids, volunteers with American Red Cross and has a 9 year old daughter to keep her on her toes. Connect

Photo of Gian Wild - Accessibility Gian Wild - Accessibility

CEO, Founder and President of AccessibilityOz

Gian has worked in the accessibility industry since 1998. She worked on the first Level AAA accessible web site in Australia (Disability Information Victoria) and developed one of the first automated accessibility testing tools, PurpleCop, in 2000. She spent six years on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group contributing to the development of WCAG2 and is currently a member of the Automated WCAG Monitoring-Community Group. Gian is on the Higher Education Content Steering Group for Accessibility Switchboard, the Secretary of the OzeWAI conference in Australia, and she is a committee member of the ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium conference in the United States. She also chairs two of the symposiums sub-committees: the Mobile Testing Sub-Committee and the Native App Testing Sub-Committee. The committees work to create up-to-date mobile accessibility testing guidelines.


Gian often speaks at both web and accessibility conferences around the world, including in the United States, Europe, South America and Canada. She spoke at the United Nations on the importance of accessibility at the Eighth session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In 2017, Gian was nominated as Australian of the Year. In 2019, Gian was inducted into the Centre For Accessibility‘s Australian Access Awards Hall of Fame as their Accessibility Person of the Year. Connect

Photo of Claire Hielscher - Content Claire Hielscher - Content

Head of Content & Culture at Avion Communications // Where Messages Take Flight

Lover of all things strategic and thought-provoking. A passion for big dream projects has led me to manage international not-for-profits, independent arts organisations and large-scale installations. I enjoy bringing my years of experience in arts management, digital design, marketing and copywriting to everything I do. 


Photo of Steven Ram - UI & UX Design Steven Ram - UI & UX Design

ZAAAX Design Web Design & Development

Photo of Bernd Jahnke - Content Bernd Jahnke - Content

Marketing & Communications professional with a digital focus. 10+ years of hands-on leadership experience in change implementation, marketing and communication strategy, brand and product development as well as project and campaign management to ensure more traffic, more leads, higher revenue or happier customers, B2C & B2C and Not-for-Profit (NFP). Experienced in implementing change in a variety of organisations and multi-functional teams.

Extensive knowledge of UX design, SEO, SEM, CVR, Social Media Marketing and implementing change. 



Photo of Dr. Hasan Alameer  -Accessibility Dr. Hasan Alameer -Accessibility

Photo of Stelios Moudakis - SEO Stelios Moudakis - SEO

Head of Resolution Direct