The Process

Questions and Answers

When do entries close?

Friday, 21st August.

What are the markup checking requirements?

We check your HTML markup automatically, so if you have lots of errors, your site will not be judged by humans.

Due to the increasing complexity of vendor-specific CSS, we no longer eliminate sites for this. Instead, we judge how the site performs on different platforms and devices.

Re third party markup: we do not penalise sites for using video, third party widgets or online advertisements that install invalid code on your site but you should mention these in the Challenges section of your entry form.

How can I check my markup/accessibility?

    The Nu HTML checker (HTML)
    Site Validator (HTML)
    OzArt (accessibility)

Do we eliminate inaccessible sites?

In the Innovation and Personal categories, we do not rule out sites for accessibility performance.  

In the Startup, Small Business, eCommerce, Commercial, Education and Not for Profit categories, if you specify that your target market does not include people who are vision, mobility or cognitively impaired, we will not eliminate or judge your entry on accessibility grounds.

In the Startup and Small Business categories we do not eliminate any sites for accessibility performance, but it's still a judging factor.

As a guide, in the eCommerce, Commercial, Education and Not for Profit categories, sites in the bottom 20% for accessibility testing (using the OzArt tool, with some manual oversight) will be eliminated before personal judging. Other sites will then be judged normally, which includes judging for accessibility.

If your site performs poorly using automated tools but there are explanations for that, or if certain accessibility factors are out of your control, you should specify those things in your entry.

Subdomains: one site or many?

If the site is presented as one distinct design and user experience with consistent presentation and branding it is considered one entry.  If you only want a section of the site judged you can specify that in your entry.

What happened to the mobile category?

We decided that pretty much all sites now should work well on a mobile. There may be some exceptions; if you have one; make a case for that in your entry.

How do we ensure we're in the right category?

Drop us a line if you want advice.

What counts as a re-design?

Re-design means a signficant change in the site technically and/or visually.

However, the Personal category is judged largely on content, so it doesn't matter that you launched it in 1967; we'll judge it on the past twelve months' content.

Extra login for our client/web designer? 

Sadly, you'll have to manage with a single login.

Other traps for young players?

Let the robots in. Your sites must grant access to our performance, accessibility and validation bots. Sites that have robot exclusion texts (which link checkers are a type of) can't be judged.