2020 Social Media Australian Web Award Winner

'Happy Way' is a protein powder made with the highest quality raw, ancient and organic superfood supplements, mixed with whey and/or vegan protein powders.

Sydney-based Whitehat Agency delivered a social media campaign that had an objective to provide Happy Way with 20% revenue growth year on year within the Facebook platform. The Whitehat team absolutely smashed this target, achieving 103% revenue growth year on year.

Whitehat Agency used posts to Happy Way's organic feed as paid ads, which achieved fantastic ROI for the client, as these ads look more like a post from the page, and generate a great deal of interaction and engagement from Happy Way's customer base. This level of engagement provided further social proof of just how amazing the Happy Way product is, and highlighted the customer satisfaction across the board.

Whitehat also launched campaigns in conjunction with influencer collaborations for Happy Way, providing a significant boost of ROI to remarketing, as these influencer campaigns helped to drive more traffic to the Happy Way website. On some days we had as many as 100 influencers posting about Happy Way!

The establishment of our bespoke Facebook funnel is where this campaign was most innovative. While we can't give away our 'secret recipe', we have since gone on to assist many more clients achieve outstanding results by using this same Facebook funnel structure.

2020 SEO Australian Web Award Winner

The objectives of the ongoing SEO campaign by Juicebox for Global Industrial was to achieve first page rankings for a range of product-related keywords Australia-wide. In addition to this, increase overall organic search traffic and product enquiries and transactions from this traffic source. The overarching SEO strategy was to increase the overall domain authority and website rankings of the website through both on and off-page optimisation.

2020 Not for Profit Australian Web Award Winner

Designing the new website for the National Breast Cancer Foundation was a very unique challenge! They have a strong visual brand that’s didn’t easily translate to digital. With donations the focus, Humaan helped the client reimagine what the website could be and developed a structure that would better support their core aims and objectives.

The amount of content available across the National Breast Cancer Foundation website is incredibly extensive, though the key user segments were clear. Humaan started the process by recommending an IA that clearly separated these key user journeys as the main pillars of the website: Research, The Organisation (About), Fundraising, and Donations. With Donations the primary goal across the site, we’ve used the IA, content and additional integrated donation modules throughout to make this immediately accessible, and the form simple and intuitive to complete.

The site offers a large array of unique templates and content modules, extensive CMS capabilities to manage all content across all pages, related content linking across verticals, and many subtle animations and micro interactions throughout.

“We are more than happy with the finished product and have seen improvements in conversion rate, bounce rate and time on page almost instantly.”
Hannah Martin – Digital Marketing Manager

2020 Education Australian Web Award Winner

The client approached Humaan with the intention of creating a vibrant, warm and welcoming digital presence that would reflect the true experience of a Green Leaves Early Learning Centre and connect with new parents.

The focus of the Green Leaves experience is simplicity, a simple menu that’s structured around the core user journeys of the audience. With the key objective to register new parents, the Humaan team started from scratch in terms of thinking of the ideal UX for conversion flow, with the Get Started button guiding the user through Centre selection and an intuitive sign up process. The results of this since launch have been exceptional.

Development highlights include the Find a Centre page that’s integrated tightly with Google maps, and subtle animations throughout that encourage delight.

2020 Government Australian Web Awards Winner

Perth based agency Humaan worked closely with the client to identify opportunities for a modern UI that would engage users and meet the client’s objectives of a contemporary look and feel while also playing a role in the evolution of the Scitech brand.

The Team at Humaan designed a striking, modern interface that takes advantage of Scitech’s extensive media library and supports the vast array of content, conveying vibrance and energy while also demonstrating the client’s authority and leadership in STEM education. All content was professionally copywritten in line with the appropriate tone of voice specific to each of the key website audience segments including general public, members, educators and industry/corporate.

Given the volume of content and initiatives run by Scitech, Humaan were mindful of designing a site experience that would make it easy for users to find what they needed, as well as encouraging them to discover new information, activities and programs. Every key page of the website has been designed specifically to suit the experience of the user journey and to ensuring the content is engaging and readable on any device – from the interactive Show Times page, to the conversion focused Visit and Membership pages, through to even more unique experiences such as The Sky Tonight or 30 Years of Scitech – each individual experience has been thoroughly considered.

The site was developed with a huge array of templates and customisation options with an extensive design system and fully editable components (all CMS managed).

2020 Small Business Australian Web Award Winner

Locimo is a fast growing startup whose mission is to connect young people with jobs in their local area. Humaan has been working closely as a digital partner with the brilliant Locimo team to help realise this vision. This close collaboration has resulted in a world-class platform that connects employers with job seekers, and seen ongoing product evolution since its launch in 2018.

Worth a thousand words

Locimo is a different take on a job platform, one that puts young people at the centre of the process and takes the pain out of finding a job. One of the key propositions is the unique approach to job candidate profiles, moving away from the typical CV in favour of a more social and aesthetically pleasing device. A beautiful custom CV makes the job seeking process more fun and allows each candidate to express their personality.

A robust platform

Locimo has been built from the ground up using the Laravel framework to suit the unique requirements. The platform handles registration funnels, user accounts, private messaging, and a full management platform for Locimo admins with ease. The application is highly responsive and is built to grow with the needs of the business.

Positioned for growth

Locimo has seen remarkable engagement since launch and continues to grow and make connections between young job seekers and businesses.

2020 Medium to Large Business Winner


This project included some transformative collaboration work with the client, in workshopping with key stakeholders. Part of this process was to better understand not just their customer segmenation - but who are the critical user personas of Grinders Coffee.

Following this exercise, it was realised that their core online audience is the lay ‘coffee at home’ purchaser - and cafes and their B2B business are secondary to the more critical eCommerce-to-home element. This was the largest part of the UX process, which involved developing priorities for the user personas, mapping user flows and then adjusting the structure of the navigation to better suit this new priority.

Following the extensive UX process G Squared undertook, it was important to also overhaul the UI to match the sharpened focus on the consumer (B2C) audience.  The team introduced full-width design, allowing them to increase the use of white space. G Squared utilised rich media throughout the website, and ensured it didn’t undermine the user journey they wanted to create. The team at G Squared also simplified the eCommerce catalogue and product pages - as it’s a routine/regular purchase for most of the B2C customers. This was a critical UI tactic that resulted in an increase in transactions post launch.

Part of the new approach was to introduce a new content hub - The Grind. This content hub would become a centrepiece for the brand's content marketing strategy.

2020 eCommerce Winner

Curtain and Blind Co went to previous Australian Web Awards winner Humaan. With a new brand, they approached Humaan with an ambition to create the best made-to-order curtains and blinds website in Australia.

The key pages of the website are immersive and engaging throughout, though the Humaan team is most proud of the product and configuration pages which were strategised, designed, and developed from the ground up to suit the client’s specific needs. 

Beyond the product pages, the site’s look, feel and workflow is a curated journey through a captivating brand and product story, inviting visitors to explore and feel empowered in selecting and installing their own curtains and blinds.



Whilst on the surface the site may seem like a typical eCommerce site, Humaan created its own product specification engine on top of WooCommerce to solve the product selection and configuration process and provide the optimal experience for users.

2020 Shoestring Website Winner

As a highly respected, paws and more clinic, St Francis Vet Hospital wanted to revitalise their website to offer an enjoyable experience and increase onsite engagement. With a budget of less than $10,000, Dux Digital were appointed to redesign and reinvigorate their website.

Under the hood, Dux built a custom WordPress theme that’s built on Gutenberg and ACF. Some of the tools and packages included CSS3 animations, jQuery and sticky navigation. They also validated the HTML5 with Australian Web Awards sponsor Rocket Validator.

2020 Australian Web Award Winners

2020 Awards Categories Winners

Shoestring Website (budget under $10,000) - St Francis Vet Hospital by DUX Digital 
Social Media Growth - Happy Way Omni Channel Social Media Campaign by White Hat Agency
E-commerce - Curtain & Blind Co by Humaan
Small Business - Locimo by Humaan
Medium-to-Large Business - Grinders Coffee - Adjusting the Experience by G Squared 
Government -  Scitech by Humaan
Education - Green Leaves Early Learning Centre by Humaan
Not for Profit - National Breast Cancer Foundation by Humaan
SEO Effectiveness - Global Industrial SEO by Juicebox

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners!   Watch the announcement video, featuring our 2020 AWIA Board here

We saw a high calibre of entries this year across all categories showcasing just how creative and technical advanced the Australian Web Industry has become.

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