Awards Nights!


In PERTH on October 2nd. Book here.

In MELBOURNE on October 3rd. Book here.

In BRISBANE on October 4th. Book here.

In ADELAIDE on October 9th. Book here.

In SYDNEY on October 9th. Book here.

and again in SYDNEY during Web Directions for the national event on October 24th. Book here.

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All events are priced low so you can bring friends and colleagues. All events except the national event are BLACK TIE. Dress up. Wear a frock or bring someone who is. These awards should be a great, big party and if they're not, it's YOUR FAULT because you're boring. We are about congratulating the gutsy bastards who put their work up to scrutiny. So don't let the side down; show up, complain about the judging and share a glass of champagne with the top talent. They deserve your attendance and acknowledgement.

Reader Discussion

Posted by Steve Ryan September 01, 2013

Looks fun, but no way am I wearing a FROCK ! My legs are far too hairy.

Nice down to earth write up smile

Steve from 422

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