Brisbane Web Awards Finalists

Judging is hard, even harder with the judges for the Australian Web Awards as they are very picky, they spend countless hours validating, nitpicking and collating the results.  In some way we are glad the judging is over.

 So it's with some excitement that we can announce  that our Brisbane Australian Web Awards event only a  short 2 weeks away.

So now we can now reveal to you who the finalists are for the following categories:

  • Enterprise - QLD, VIC, SA  Region
  • For the People - QLD, VIC, SA  Region
  • Not for Profit - QLD, VIC, SA  Region
  • Arts and Events - East Coast Region
  • Education - East Coast Region
  • Online Retail - East Coast Region

These finalists have already achieved a great deal in just getting to this stage of the judging process.  Only the sites with a reasonable level of validation, and that satisfied our hard nosed judges got to this stage.  

The finalists are  nominated for their respective regional category award, which will be announced in Brisbane.

Now if you want to find who wins and get a gander at the good oil, before the rest of world, you are going to have to be at the presentations aren't you.