Rocket Validator announces judging sponsorship

Excited to announce that this year all entrants into the 2019 Australian Web Awards, will recieive a LIFETIME 30% off discount code! 

Rocket Validator's web spider will crawl your site and check up to 5,000 pages for HTML5 conformance and accessibility, with a single click. Schedule as many validations as you need. Just enter the URL to be validated, how many pages to check, and how often you want us to check your sites. You can easily connect your site with Rocket Validator, so an automatic site validation is started when you deploy a new version of your site.

Compatible with Heroku, Netlify, Github Pages, Engine Yard, Cloud66, and other hosting platforms.

Your pages will be checked for HTML markup validation with the W3C's Nu HTML Checker, like in

Each issue found will be shown in its context, including a snippet of the affected code, line and column and link to the source.

For more information about the 2019 Australian Web Awards, contact [email protected]