Finalists for 2016

The finalist for the 2016 Australian Web Awards are;

Personal Category

StartUp Category

Small Business




Education (Helen Burgess Education Award)

Not for Profit


Social Media

  • Clever Starfish for Media Crime Stoppers

  • Bam Creative for Go New Zealand


As to WHO will win the McFarlane Award - It will be one of the above Finalists.


Watch out for the announcements on Facebook and Twitter. 


Good Luck to all for this evening.

Will you be our next winner?

You spent weeks understanding your client’s needs, pitching your design, explaining about focusing on the user experience – only to find the client needs the site completed next week and the content is still to be created! No? Not how it happened for you?

Sure, we would all love to have the time to work step-by-step through the sometimes complicated and convoluted process of building that award-winning website. But most of the time we simply have to do our best.

The AWIA Australian Web Awards gives you the chance to be a winner. We recognise the craft and skill that makes a good site an excellent one. Most of the time, the hard work is under the hood making the site look deceptively simple and straightforward. But with our panel of expert judges, we look under the hood and see exactly what you have done.

So, are you our next winner?

There is only one way to find out, and it is easy. Simply log on to and register. You will receive a log-in and this gives you access to the entry forms to enter your fantastic site in the 2016 Australian Web Awards. If you have entered before, just use your previous login details.

But there’s a catch – there is an entry fee. If you are a member of AWIA – the Australian Web Industry Association - then your entry costs from $80. If you are not it costs a lot more. So why not join Australia’s premier web business professional association and be part of this exciting event. There’s nothing like a winners trophy for the meeting-room table to impress new clients!

All the details can be found on When there, check out our gallery of previous winners. In the Small Business category, the 2015 winner was built by Humaan. With summer on the way, this may be just the thing for you – but maybe put your website entry in before you get too absorbed in your boating dreams. Entries close on Friday 16 September.

Enter the AWIA Australian Web Awards

The annual AWIA Australian Web Awards, these prestigious awards are open to AWIA members and recognise the fantastic work being done each year by AWIA members across the country. If you are not an AWIA member – don’t worry, you can join and enter the awards at the same time. Contact [email protected].au to become a member today!

The Awards will be judged by an expert panel of your peers. Previous winners of Australian Web Awards have ranged from large organisations to single developers – so don’t think you cannot win! If you think your site is great (and frankly, who doesn’t!) then submit an entry. Winners are showcased on the Australian Web Awards  and AWIA website.

You cannot win if you do not enter.

Sites can be entered in one of the following ten categories:

  • Personal
  • Startup
  • Small Business
  • E-commerce
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Education
  • Not for Profit
  • Innovation
  • Social Media

Full details of the judging criteria, criteria weighting and required validation guidelines are detailed within our judging process page.

And there’s more:

This year we are introducing Excellence in Criteria’ awards. These ‘Best in Show’ awards will be presented to sites that demonstrate excellence in at least one of: User interface design; User experience design; Content; Development, and Accessibility.

The top award is the McFarlane Prize: our national prize for excellence, which will be given to the most outstanding site overall. 

Check out the criteria for each category and register. We will ask you to do self-validation of your site but that will help you just as much as it helps us. And here’s a tip – check out some of our previous winners. If you think your site is better than these then we need to see it!

Entries have now closed.

More winners

montage of 3 winning sites

Congratulations to the following WA state winners; these were announced following an audit of judging.

Apologies to those developers and clients that we missed their excellence in the official judging period.

Education Swan Christian Education Association by Bam Creative
Startup Venue Menu by The Cut Creative
Government Horizon Power by Equilibrium

Who won?

Wayde Christie and Bret Treasure at the Web Awards

We all did. A stylish night full of laughs, comraderie and acknowledgement... so much to be grateful for.

Congratulations to all the national winners, who came from Perth, Darwin, Melbourne and Newcastle.

Winner of the McFarlane Prize for excellence was Webplace for the State Revenue Office Victoria. The site represents best practice in user experience and accessibility, and we acknowledge its trend-setting use of video in helping users deal with complex matters. The commitment to user-testing and the scale of work involved in project-managing all that content in a large organisation were decisive factors.

Pictured: AWIA Chairman Bret Treasure (left) and double award winner Wayde Christie, from Newism.

No-one called. We didn’t win.

The national final is afoot: November 6th in Perth at the swanky Fraser's Kings Park. Book here.

We'll be cheering, drinking toasts, dancing and taking photos on the red-carpet. And we'll share the judges' views on contesting sites.

If you're an entrant, here's what you need to know: NOBODY has whispered in ANYBODY'S ear and let them know they're a winner. The fact that you have not heard anything does not mean you didn't win. So get on a plane and get to Perth and be in the anticipation of the thing, and if you're a Perth entrant, bring as many people as you can afford to bring.

The impressive thing about these evenings is that most people don't win and have a fantastic night anyway.


If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same

If you can't make it over to the awards or arrange a stand-in, please send us a link to a (max 90 seconds) acceptance speech in a 16:9 MP4 format that we can play on the night.

Ticket price of $149 includes 3 course dinner, drinks and a dance floor. Here is the second booking link.

New South Wales winners

nsw platypus illustration john gould

Well played New South Welshmen and women on your state awards. Hope to see you, your teams and your team's family in Perth on November 6th.

Personal Create the life you want by Damian Madden
Education My Big Tomorrow by The Village of Useful & Newism
Commercial Temando by Doghouse
Startup Deckee by Newism
Small Business Growthwise by Newism
Government Garbage Guru by City of Sydney
  TransGrid by TransGrid

National final in Perth

frasers function centre at kings park

Join us at the national final - a black tie dinner and awards night to celebrate this year's high-achieving web projects. We'll be on the red carpet at King's Park's award-winning Fraser's Restaurant so you're welcome to dress to the nines and bring anyone you'd like to impress or share something special with. Australia's top developers, designers, proprietors and consultants will be there.

We'll be sharing the judges' thoughts and there will be optional dancing, though no Michael Jackson songs. It's a big night. Here is your Call to Action.

South Australian & NT winners

south australian wallaby

Congratulations to South Australian and Northern Territory winners in the 2015 Australian Web Awards.

Hop over to Perth for the national final on November 6th.

Personal BrainHackr by David Walker & Andrew McGiffert
Education Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods by Captovate
Not for Profit Off the Leash by Captovate

Queensland winners

queensland desert rat kangaroo illustration

Queensland winners in the 2015 Australian Web Awards.

Commercial QSuper by Deloitte Digital
  RACQ by Deloitte Digital