Victorian Winners

Commercial: Snooze by Get Started, The Loop by Carter Digital, Ratio by Blocks Global, Tiffiny Hall by Thirst Studios
Government: Energy Made Easy by Revium, Victoria Legal Aid by Victoria Legal Aid, HON MENTION Bushfire Patrol by Equilibrium
Culture & Events: HON MENTION Swinburne Student Amenities Association by Get Started
Not for Profit: ClimateWorks Australia by Weave Web Communications, Ian Potter Foundation by Blocks Global
Mobile: Arthritis Victoria by Get Started, Simply Send It by Razorfish

WA Winners

Personal: John Cinquina (Red Meets Blue) Blog and by Michael Bollig
eCommerce: Mainpeak, Highs and Lows  by Humaan, The Seventh Duchess by Clever Starfish
Commercial: Bonfire, Airflite, Aphrodite Gold by Humaan, Tiffiny Hall by Thirst Studios, Bam Creative by BAM Creative, Ventura Homes by Sumo Group
Government: Maritime Archaeology by WA Museum
Culture & Events: Perth Theatre Company by Clever Starfish
Not for Profit: Bibbulmun Track Foundation by iPixel, Riverview Church by Red Meets Blue, Get on Track Challenge by Equilibrium
Mobile: Lions Australia and Budii - iinet by Humaan, We don't need a map by Juicebox Creative
Social Media: CelebrateWA and the WA Electoral Commission by Lowe303 & Clarity Communications, WA Vegetables by BAM Creative
Innovation: I2Scan by I2Scan Software, Budii - iinet by Humaan, Got App by Frontier Group

Awards Nights!

In PERTH on October 2nd. Book here.

In MELBOURNE on October 3rd. Book here.

In BRISBANE on October 4th. Book here.

In ADELAIDE on October 9th. Book here.

In SYDNEY on October 9th. Book here.

and again in SYDNEY during Web Directions for the national event on October 24th. Book here.

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All events are priced low so you can bring friends and colleagues. All events except the national event are BLACK TIE. Dress up. Wear a frock or bring someone who is. These awards should be a great, big party and if they're not, it's YOUR FAULT because you're boring. We are about congratulating the gutsy bastards who put their work up to scrutiny. So don't let the side down; show up, complain about the judging and share a glass of champagne with the top talent. They deserve your attendance and acknowledgement.

Politics. Social Media.


gender card - social media award

Two new categories: Political and Social Media.

The Political category is open to web sites and online campaigns developed between July 2012 and the federal election, on September 14th. Eligible sites include those of political candidates, political parties, advocacy groups and political campaigns of all descriptions. Entrants can nominate Desktop, Social Media or Mobile implementations.

The Social Media category will be judged on campaign effectiveness – level of engagement, campaign structure, how well it was measured, and what results were achieved. Entries can be for single platform or cross-platform campaigns.

Increasingly, the web industry offers clients strategic direction as well as technical services. These awards acknowledge that shift. 

State Awards


This year, proper state awards as well as national finals. That means improved chances of a win and more companies with bragging rights about an Australian Web Award.

We're doing this to encourage a broader range of entries (certain states have had low entry levels in the past **looking at you Queensland**) and now that AWIA is running Port80 in 4 states we're going to find it easier to resource the award nights. 

So line up your best sites from the past twelve months; entry fees are paltry compared to the potential marketing benefits and it takes precious little time to enter. The only good reason you have for not entering is average quality work. Well?

Who shall judge?

The judges are heart and soul of this competition; they are great people. It is an honour to be selected as an Australian Web Awards judge and a demonstration of generosity, since it typically involves more than six hours' anonymous and unpaid work. 

The Web Awards are judged by experienced and respected people in our industry. If you would like to be considered, or you would like to nominate someone else (we're happy to approach them) please email us now - [email protected]

In that email, please send us your contact details and the nominee's. Please list some sites that the nominee has developed and state why you believe they should be a judge. Have they been a judge previously?

Thanks for helping out.

Web Lunatics at Luna Park

Web Lunatics at Luna Park - AWA Night 2012

Congrats 2012 winners and finalists! At Luna Park on October 6th there was much hooting and cheering, there was much laughter, a few poignant moments and some dedicated partying. It was a blue ribbon performance by WA companies; they won 12 of 13 categories. BAM Creative took off the Most Outstanding award.

AWIA Chair Bret Treasure noted that 1% of web firms in Australia enter the award, making entrants, and particularly finalists, the elite of our industry.

Be assured the Australian Web Industry Association will be enthusiastically promoting the work of these companies throughout the year. They are leading in web standards, design and user experience.

The night also saw the announcement by AWIA's Joe Manariti of the Great Australian Web Survey. Awards next year, he added, will include a Social Media category. Follow developments on this site and in the AWIA newsletter.

The full list is winners is here and the awards media release is here.

Hearty thanks to our generous judges and to the Awards committee; Judd Exley, Helen Burgess, Brendan Underwood, Marlene Hauer and Krystie Bennett from Partner & Prosper.

Our Awards Night: be proud, be present

The Australian web industry has much to be proud of, much to celebrate and much to talk about.

We do it on Saturday, October 6th in Melbourne; this year at Luna Park. Your attendance is a compliment to the people who have the guts to submit their work and are leading in design and development. It's a signal that you care about such things.

So show up in large numbers. Dress up, frock up, and enjoy a bit of raw emotion. There are rides packages if you want to warm up beforehand.

Comedian Xavier Michelides is hosting and he has several good jokes about Windows 95 (kidding).

Let's make this a big one. Here's the event information. Spread the word around.

australian web awards night

Your 2012 Web Awards Judges

The 2012 Australian Web Awards are finally closed, and we're tickled pink and all sorts of other colours to announce the folks that are going to be casting that ever-critical web-eye on all of the entrants, our illustrious judging panel.

2012 Australian Web Awards Judges

Even though we had some of our favourites turn us down because of other time commitments (having babies is a pretty good excuse) we've got some real crackers this year and we're extremely proud to boast such a quality lineup.

So go check 'em out, Google 'em (go on, it's fun) and then appreciate the hell out of them for volunteering to do such an important, sometimes tedious, and awesome task.

Once again, and at every opportunity really, I'd like to thank all of those that agreed to judge, have judged in the past, and even those that politely turned us down because they decided to procreate instead.

HUGE THANKS JUDGES, you are all rockin' rockstars of a most rocking variety.

Yes we are open to accept entries…

The Australian Web Awards were launched on 6 June to very little fanfare. Port80s in Perth and Melbourne advertised that we were now open for entries and a presentation was given in Perth by Helen Burgess to half a dozen interested persons on the whole judging process.

I will go through some of the information that was discussed that night as well as provide some guidance on entering the awards.


The Australian Web Awards is open to all organizations and individuals involved in designing, building,  Websites, and Mobile sites for business, consumer or general audiences in Australia.

Entries must have in general use for at least part of the current financial year, that is launched by 30 June 2012.

Entries should be entered under the state of the Head Office for the design / development company. For example: the Perth office did the work and the Head Office is in Melbourne then the entry would go under the state of  Victoria.

There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted by any design or development company, however you can only enter one website into one category with an option to enter into the mobile category.  

For example: your believe that your site should be both in the Commerical and E-commerce categories, you are only allowed to enter that site int one category Commerical or E-commerce, not both.

A completed online entry form and fee must accompany each entry.

All companies entering their chosen sites have until 12 midnight WST on 15 July 2012 to get their entry in by completing the online entry form and paying their entry fee. 

NOTE: Currently we have not activated our payment system as we are testing it before making available to you. Please be patient and take the time to fill out or edit your entry. We will notify entrants when the payment system is available.

Entries are accepted once we have confirmation of payment. The entries next step is Stage 1 of Judging - Validation  from 16 July 2012. Judging for the second stage commences when that has finished.

What category should I be in?

The committee often gets emails asking for help to determine which category the website entry should be put in. My advice is to go back to the purpose of the site. The site's purpose should provide you with the information that makes your decision easier as to what category it goes into.

For example: if the purpose of the site is inform the public about a product, provide help documentation and a contact point for the company then I would put the website into the Commerical category. On the other hand if the site was to sell the product along with all the aforementioned then I would put the site into the E-commerce category.

For those developers who would like to submit their native mobile application, (coded specifically for IOS or Android), you should enter the application into the Innovation Category. This category looks at the new and wonderful creations that exist in our tech world. 

There is no mobile category this year as the trend is for websites to be viewable on all platforms either through responsive design or mobile specific sites. We have made this a criteria for judging. If you would like your site to be judged for the" Best Overall Mobile Site" award  please select the mobile option on your entry. 

Unacceptable Material

Entries that contain pornographic material, propagate "hate" messages, make defamatory statements, or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible.


All entries into the Web Awards are to be provided as URLs entered into the online entry system. Entries must have been in general use for at least part of the last financial year, that is launched before 30m June 2012 . Any website that requires a login or user registration, is required to have an account made available to the judges for judging of the site in the second stage.


Mobile Website entries must be accessible via a mobile phone, PDA or other mobile device. The mobile criterion will be judged on a mobile device.

We hope that the above information helps with your entry into the awards.